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Brown Vaginal Discharge Symptoms, Treatments for Vaginal Discharge | Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Brown Vaginal Discharge Symptoms, Treatments for Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge means secretion from the vagina. Such secretions can vary in thick, pasty, and thin. Some vaginal discharge is normal especially after pregnancy. These secretions are of white and brown . Brown secretion is common because of small amount of blood present. In the beginning or end of the menstrual time, when discharge exposed to the air then it turns into brown color with small clots and having severe pain. Such bleeding can caused infections. Vaginal discharge cure is very important part of woman sexual health. small amount of vaginal discharge is very common in women but if vaginal discharge is heavy then it is a sign of yeast infection but there are also some other reason of vaginal discharge like sexual excitement some kind of stress also cause of vaginal discharge Symptoms of Brown Vaginal Discharge · Brown vaginal discharge occurs due to excessive consume of antibiotics. · It creates itching and burning in vagina. · Brown vaginal discharge is also sexually transmitted diseases. · It creates vaginal dryness. · Loss of appetite. · Fertility problem. · It may cause rashes also. · Pain in uterus that occurs during menstrual period. · It pains in vagina during intercourse. · Foul odor. Tips for Prevention Or Cure Here are some tips and prevention which are helpful to reduce brown vaginal discharge · Avoid excess use of antibiotic and get the result · Healthy and nutritious diet is also very helpful to avoid vaginal discharge. · Use cotton panties which are very good and hygienic for vaginal parts. · Just avoid tight clothes and wear lose and comfortable clothes. · Do not use hard soaps just use softeners to avoid itching? · Herbal treatment is also very help full to avoid brown vaginal discharge · Just stay away from food which contains yeast like bread , mushroom these foods contains yeast which is not good for vaginal discharge. · Drink more water which helps to remove wanted toxins. and avoid vaginal discharge Treatments of Brown Vaginal Discharge Here are some treatments which are help full to reduce brown vaginal discharge When white vaginal discharge symptoms ready to start ladyfinger is very good solution for brown vaginal discharge just get some water and put 100 gm ladyfingers in it and boil it for 15 minutes and after that just add some sugar in it for some better taste and take it while day after intervals Fenugreek seeds are also good to cure vaginal discharge these seeds are very good to treat vaginal discharge. The way to take these seeds is just boil some water and put the seeds in to the water after half an hour take the water off and your fenugreek seeds tea is ready. Walnut tree leaves are also very good to treat vaginal discharge Other treatment is just do regular exercise and drinks more water , eat balanced diet and clean the genital parts with warm water that treatments surely helps you to cure vaginal discharge.

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